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Dear Client

INTER NOS (lat. between us). First we want to point out what is the most important matter before starting any project. And that is finding our way to clear and accurate communication.

It is necessary that we both reveal our best qualities, as personal and professional, and always beware of the purpose of our business deals. So, we both need to be consistent, reliable, responsible and respectful. Therefore, we belive positive energy is the best way to reach the final solution, because it's simple as it is; positive energy raise creativity skills. We want to note that we don't tolerate angry and abusive people.

ONE RULE TO RULE THEM ALL. To establish great working relationships we rely on one rule. According to rule, that is not to create samples before starting any project.

Here is the list of things which affected that regulation:

ISPRED 2 d.o.o. is a firm which takes care of its clients and builds trust. Please view our references to see our list of clients.

Our products are complex solutions based on corporate labour and efforts among our team of professionals.

Our products are not just result of ours skills with certain programing tool, and it's not just about manipulating pictures and text. Our products involve our ideas, insights and experiences, each one with the purpose.

It's about strategy development process. So, concrete project isn't just about producing final solution. It's about process which includes analysis, planning and preparing. At the end comes solution. Clients may overlook these steps because they can't see whole process.

Testing is required while processing the project. It's because the project needs to be useful, usable and meaningful and to carry out the message.


We want our energy and time to be spent on working on the causes of problems, not in fixing problems that occur. With this mode we get more productive, and that's what our clients reqire from us.

We want to spend our time and energy on projects and people worth spending time, because we want to develop and maintain professional and friendly relationship with all our clients.

We do not want to see risics infront of us but oportunities instead, and we want to share them with others.

Looking forward to a successful cooperation!