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The Story

OUR WAY OF DOING BUSINESS. This is the story about my brother and me. We are gathered to do the business and each one founded his own company to improve the quality of our services.

Together we aim to bring out the best complete solutions for our clients. Web based mostly these solutions are combination of both design and technology. One is taking care of design (ISPRED 2 d.o.o.), and the other (INFO IZLOG d.o.o.) of different parts of a program intended to be used for interactive media.

We are trying to run these two companies in a way that our business develops fair and reliable relationships with our clients and associates. Above all we are trying to create positive surroundings that arise creativity and to make values that contribute to anyone. That's why we like terms like: honesty, frendship, truthness, confidence, care...

Thus, it came into existence, these two companies...

(And just to introduce myself),
Katarina Alković Jovičić, director
ISPRED 2 d.o.o., Pula, Croatia

WHAT'S ABOUT "ISPRED 2"? In Croatian language "ISPRED 2" means "BEFORE 2", before number two (expanded). And there you go, it's number ONE; "1" as the simplest number in the whole world.

This number represents a start from all points from which you can create infinitive set of combinations, especially when it comes with Zero. That stands for binary numeral system, the baze-2 system, system that has only two possible digits. This is visually expressed by the digit 0 and 1, and without them we can't imagine today's communication. It's because computers are based on that system, and computers are an important part of every device. Although we can't see them, these two numbers are an essential part of everyday life.

More about binary numeral system find here.

Making infinite number of combinations is process appropriate to designers, too. When facing with the blank sheet of paper, all they see is infinite set of possibilities. Only designer could imagine what will result as final because he is the one who implements and combines graphic elements for that particular design, and makes it happen through visual art skills. Designer switches on and off these graphic elements like logic gates deals with Zero and One.

So, result from this process is design as a shape with unique message involving all it's elements. And if the message is effective, we're talking again about communication.

More about design as communication media find here.

Therefore there are some impressions about associations like these. More fascinations alike, you can find in Terry Jones's documentary:

STORY OF 1 ... The story of the number one is the story of Western civilization. Terry Jones ("Monty Python's Flying Circus") goes on a humor-filled journey to recount the amazing tale behind the world's simplest number. Using computer graphics, "One" is brought to life, in all his various guises, in STORY OF 1.